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2 rai 3 ngaan plot Baan Hua Kham

2 rai 3 ngaan plot

Lot Size
02:3:73 rai
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Property Description


2 rai 3 ngaan plot Baan Hua Kham

This 2 rai 3 ngaan corner plot of land for sale in Baan Hua Kham, Ubon Ratchathani was originally planned to be part of a housing estate for luxury homes.  Concrete roads and electricity is already in place.

The land was raised many years ago so building a property on this plot could commence immediately.

There are four separate pieces of land in this area all from the same owner.

Four plots Baan Hua Kham

2 rai 3 ngaan 73 talang wah, 10:2:03 rai, 02:2:20 rai, 02:0:21 rai

2 rai 3 ngaan plot Location

The area of Baan Hua Kham is still predominantly agricultural, however at just 3km from the nearest main road and 7km from the Big C intersection we expect the rural area to become more developed over the next decade as the city expands outside the ring road and families look to live away from the pollution and traffic in the busy city.  Already we are seeing this expansion with new majestic properties appearing in such locations where people can enjoy the benefits of far larger land plots for their homes than they would get in the city with ever increasing land prices.

Additionally they are building a second ring road which will run 10-12km from the original ring road.  We feel the progression of the city/suburbs will be in the areas North of the city with no risk of flooding between the original ring road and the proposed second ring road designed to divert heavy goods traffic away from the centre.  These gaps between the two roads will eventually become semi rural and sub-urbanized zones with cleaner area and reduced congestion but still within a 10-15 min drive from the amenities in the city.

We will see land prices increase here making this 2 rai 3 ngaan 73 talang wah at just 650,000 baht per rai a good investment for the future.

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Property Information
  • Property Status:
  • ฿1,900,000Price:
  • Baan Hua KhamCity:
  • Ubon RatchathaniState:
  • 34000Zip:
  • 02:3:73 raiLot Size:

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