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3 Beds
2 Baths
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Property Description

Kham Yai Bungalow Project


3-bedroom bungalow in Kham Yai on 3 acres of land near the city. The house is built with insulation. The ceiling is raised high. It is a dream home near schools, hospitals and shopping malls.

Only 3.4 km from Big C Via the ring road And road Although the house is not far from the city. It also has beautiful views of the fields.

House plan

There are 2 parking spaces in the house but there are 4 parking spaces under the pavilion. One room for storage, one for Thai kitchen.


The 76 sq.m. front hall features a dining area and cooking area for breakfast. The home is made of soundproofing and soundproofing. The kitchen consists of a granite table for cooking, oven, gas stove and hood.

Next to the hall are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom has direct access to the bathroom. The third bedroom has a wall closet with floor and railing. There is a dressing table.

Every room in the house Fully air-conditioned. There is only room for additional furniture.

Dining area with balcony door Which is suitable for sightseeing. Outback Field The garden is well designed. And there are plots for growing vegetables. There are also ponds and waterfalls. And a small fountain. In the garden front.

Backyard Garden There is also a bathroom for guests.

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Property Information

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