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Buyers Guide pt.1 Investing in Thailand

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In this Buyers Guide series we hope to give foreign investors who have always desired to own a property in Thailand, whether for investment purposes, holiday home or retiring in the sun, the knowledge to do so with confidence.

Why should I invest in Thailand?

Year after year the various “Rich Lists” we see from publications such as Forbes Magazine or The Times Newspaper it’s clear to see many of the wealthy elite have made their millions through property investment over the years.  Whilst you might not be aiming to be the next Donald Trump property has served to be a stable and simple investment vehicle throughout history.  Most successful business men and women who diversify their investments always have a place in their portfolio for property at some level.

Buyers Guide


Reasons Thailand makes for a Desirable Location:

  • An exotic oriental destination, Thailand has a booming tourist industry that appeals universally.
  • Retirement visas are available to foreigners over 50 years of age, according to their financial means.
  • Healthcare at some of the Worlds top private hospitals is available at a fraction of the price in Western countries.
  • Beaches, mountains, rivers and beautiful countryside Thailand has it all on offer.
  • Thailand’s tropical climate and friendly culture brings visitors back year after year.
  • Year round warm weather gives escape from the cold winter months no matter which continent you’re from.
  • Thai property prices are far lower than that of somewhere like Europe, although they are growing quickly.
  • Many multi national companies are attracted to Thailand as South East Asia’s second largest economy but with affordable labour costs and burgeoning electronics and industrial sector.
  • Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok is one of the finest in the world making travel easy both domestically and internationally.
  • Flights here are relatively cheap compared to other Asian destinations.
  • The country has strong business ties with China one of the worlds economic powerhouses.
  • Buy to Let rental opportunities are excellent, due to the number of people re-locating to Thailand.
  • No capital gains tax for private investors, and low rates of tax ongoing.
  • The current waiver of Transfer Fee to entice foreign investors (more on this in the series)

With all this and much more Thailand offers great opportunities to suit different requirements for investors and expats alike.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first part in our Buyers Guide series helping get all the top tips from property professionals for the inside track on Thailand’s property market.

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